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Thanks to all our friends on Tumblr for supporting the cause! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Check the link to see exactly how successful The Day We Fight Back was.

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I know how to tell this is not the result of hacking… The cell is on MTS… Manitoba only phone provider… Which means the screenshot was from a Manitoba phone… Hai Rhyse.

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Who taught me to suck in my stomach,

or my cheeks?

Who told me to stand with my legs apart

and my hips thrust back

to create the illusion of a gap

between my thighs?

Who made me believe that the most beautiful part of me

is my negative space?


Must reblog…

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"This gorgeous Hälssen & Lyon calendar is made of brewable tea. Each day is made of fine pressed wafer thin tea leaves." 

I want this sooooo bad! 

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I had to Google this. Worth it.

good lord there are nine fics about this commercial on AO3

Omg… Totally worth it.
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Google+ kind of feels like a person you broke up with, but still shows up at your door every time you want to go out.

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Literally been waiting for this gif set

Omg, finally!

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Wish I could be there


Wish I could be there

Photo 2 Nov Why does she have so many brands of pads?
(Warning is untrue, btw)

Why does she have so many brands of pads?

(Warning is untrue, btw)

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